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July 2010
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Liar, liar - again!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:11 pm

I wrote, not too long ago, that I do the rant to get things off my chest.  Well there is another reason.  I recently found that everyone that reads my blog is NOT a right-wing zealot!   A friend told me that a friend of his said I was full of you-know-what because they thought my May 26th blog was not true.   I told them to tell the friend to look up the stuff then come back.  I haven’t heard from them since. 

So if I can inform one non-believer so they might be better educated about what is going on I will keep blogging.  Hell, even if I can make someone think instead of blindly accepting what they see on NBC, ABC, New York Times, CNN, etc. I will consider myself a success!

Having said that:  Have you heard about the Journolist 400?  That isn’t a misspelling by the way.  These “journalists” are the reason you get the feeling the media doesn’t always report things fairly.  They are still probably patting themselves on the back for smearing Palin and getting Obama elected.  Recently exposed the way they conspired to hide Obama’s less than savory associations.   You can follow the link above to read the story.  Some of the members suggested things like picking one or more of the Obama critics and call them a racist!  Others said they (all of their publications) should just ignore the story.  (They still use both tactics today.) This is a group of very influential “journalists”, “educators” and other vermin in the media.  Obviously they are left-leaning to say the least.  They have propped up the administration and diffused stories that might be harmful to them.  They have refused to report any , I mean ANY, story that might show the Obama regime in a bad light.

If you get your news from the New York Times, CSS, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, Washington Post or just about any newspaper in a metropolitan area please at least listen to some talk radio, watch a little on FOX or read publications like the American Spectator and the Washington Examiner.  You have been being lied to for far too long.    

Al Gore was sitting, stark naked on the bed, in his hotel room when the maid walked in – finally.

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