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July 2010
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The frisbee is comming!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:05 pm

I was wondering why the Frisbee kept getting bigger and bigger…. and then suddenly it hit me!  That’s the way a lot of people are feeling about Obama.  After a year and a half they are starting to realize what many of us who actually did a little research already knew.  This guy and his regime are bent on turning the USA into a Socialist nation.  It is what they believe in!

The push against Arizona’s ant-illegal immigration law is one example.  My son sent me a link to an article from the National Review which shows some of the ways the regime is trying to recruit as many illegal Democrats as they can.  If Obama can push amnesty for illegal aliens through he will have a brand new pot of Democrats.  He will, through radical Hispanic groups like La Raza and others, convince the newly legalized illegal aliens that if Republicans ever get control of the government that they will kick all of them out of the country.  After that the Democrats will move more and more of the government power to the executive branch and the President.  At some point we will become another Venezuela with little or no freedom.  There are those of you who say, “No way, that can’t happen here.”  All I can tell you is they are taking away our rights right now and no one in the propaganda arm of the government (New York Times, Washington Post, CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, etc. is reporting it.  Now your homework is to look into the ‘JournoList’.  That isn’t a spelling error.  It is a cabal of “journalists and others that have conspired to lie to the American people in many of the above mentioned media outlets.  

Another example of the left-hand turn is the takeover of many parts of the private sector.  Auto companies, banks, student loans are just the start.  How about when your kid goes to get a loan for college and they tell the little darling what they can study and where they can go to school.  Oh yeah, “It can’t happen here.”  Bulls**t!  Then GM might come out with an electric car and the government might offer a tax credit for buying it. Oops, already doing that!  Next will be the government restricting how much power you and your family can use in a given period of time. Cap and trade comes to mind.

There already have been many infringements on our rights and freedoms.  Some small, like not being able to smoke in certain areas.  I mean, when did you ever go to a bar and not be allowed to smoke?  I guess I would be angrier about that one if I hadn’t quit a couple of years ago.   

The problem is that many people don’t believe that anyone who lives in this country can be so devious and duplicitous to actually turn this country against its founding principles.  Well the truth is that the man in the White House and his minions are doing their best to create a Social Utopia.  If left to their own devices they will create another third-rate, third world country.

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Liar, liar - again!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:11 pm

I wrote, not too long ago, that I do the rant to get things off my chest.  Well there is another reason.  I recently found that everyone that reads my blog is NOT a right-wing zealot!   A friend told me that a friend of his said I was full of you-know-what because they thought my May 26th blog was not true.   I told them to tell the friend to look up the stuff then come back.  I haven’t heard from them since. 

So if I can inform one non-believer so they might be better educated about what is going on I will keep blogging.  Hell, even if I can make someone think instead of blindly accepting what they see on NBC, ABC, New York Times, CNN, etc. I will consider myself a success!

Having said that:  Have you heard about the Journolist 400?  That isn’t a misspelling by the way.  These “journalists” are the reason you get the feeling the media doesn’t always report things fairly.  They are still probably patting themselves on the back for smearing Palin and getting Obama elected.  Recently exposed the way they conspired to hide Obama’s less than savory associations.   You can follow the link above to read the story.  Some of the members suggested things like picking one or more of the Obama critics and call them a racist!  Others said they (all of their publications) should just ignore the story.  (They still use both tactics today.) This is a group of very influential “journalists”, “educators” and other vermin in the media.  Obviously they are left-leaning to say the least.  They have propped up the administration and diffused stories that might be harmful to them.  They have refused to report any , I mean ANY, story that might show the Obama regime in a bad light.

If you get your news from the New York Times, CSS, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNBC, Washington Post or just about any newspaper in a metropolitan area please at least listen to some talk radio, watch a little on FOX or read publications like the American Spectator and the Washington Examiner.  You have been being lied to for far too long.    

Al Gore was sitting, stark naked on the bed, in his hotel room when the maid walked in – finally.

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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:57 pm

We’ve been asleep for fifty years and we better wake up!  Time is truly running out.  This country is in peril.


Pretty soon the take-over of the United States will be complete.  We are very close to having absolutely no say in our government.  Worse yet, we are close to being ruled as opposed to governed.  An example of this is the recent edict of the health department which states that insurance companies must provide certain tests to a certain segment of the population for free.  Another example is when the administration took over GM one of the little-published facts was that the shareholders lost their investment while the government gave a large share of the company to the union. WTF?  The union single-handedly ruined the company and they get control of the company????  (AGAIN, WTF?) 

Want more?

The US government is attacking Arizona for trying to enforce laws the US government wont or is unable to enforce while ignoring the seventy or so cities that refuse to obey the same laws. At the same time they are refusing to prosecute the New Black Panther Party members who were all but convicted of interfering with voters during the 2008 election in Philadelphia. 

I have heard some pundits saying that we are being ruled by a group of elitists that comprises 10% - 15% of the population.  I don’t believe the percentage is nearly that high.  I believe there are a large number of the ruling class that doesn’t really believe in their philosophy but rather go along to get along.  They have to go too.  They might change their tune when conservatives wrest power from the elites but they would roll right back if things change.  We need principled politicians.  I know it sounds impossible but if we really do our homework I think we can find and elect them.

Please read this great article by Angelo M. Codevilla in The American Spectator!

America’s Ruling Class and the Perils of Revolution It explains much of what is going on today in politics and some good thoughts on what must be done to stop it.  Act before it’s too late.

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Brother, can you spare a dime?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:52 pm

GDP is Gross Domestic Product.  It consists of three parts: 1) Consumer spending. 2) Business investment. 3) Government spending. The more your GDP is made of the first two, the better off your economy is.  The more it is made of the third one, the sicker it is.  Regan proved that if you lower taxes and cut government spending you can create jobs. Some twenty million of them!  Businesses make more money, hire more people who in turn pay more taxes.  When you raise taxes business has less money so they hire less or lay off people.  When you raise taxes businesses and individuals either hide their money or more likely don’t make as much and so pay less tax.  Your homework assignment is to lookup how much Regan lowered tax rates and find out how much more tax revenue he collected than the previous administration.  This is not the Obama way.  Here is what is happening: 1) The Democrats, led by Obama, are spending money this country can’t pay. 2) They are raising taxes beyond sustainability. 3) Somehow they believe that they have to spend even more money in order turn it around.  (WTF) Sorry, but this is the dumbest bunch of loonies there ever was. 

Companies are either going out of business, downsizing or moving out of the United States.  Taxes are going to rise dramatically in the next few years, income is going to drop like a rock.  Tax revenues are already dropping and they will be on the floor by the time this jug-eared nincompoop is done. He thinks Keynesian economics is what will work.  Ha!  He just got back from the G-20 economic summit and the Europeans, Russians and Canadians told him to go pound sand with his spending.  Why?  They have been trying it for decades and they are all going or are broke.  Now the Democrats are forcing a “Financial Reform” bill through Congress.  This lump of llama leavings was created by the two A** holes that got us into the mess we are in, Chris, ‘Bank of America’s Friend’ Dodd (God only needed one ‘d’) and the ever lovely (in a dress) Barney Frank.  Doesn’t anyone in Washington see something wrong with this?  Don’t any of the donkeys up there that vote for this crap realize they are bankrupting this country?

John Maynard Keynes came up with an economic model which says that if the government spends a lot of money it will put money in the hands of the people and thus stimulate the economy.  That is a very broad interpretation to say the least.  The problem with the theory is threefold: 1) The government needs money to spend and they think the way to get that money is to tax, tax, tax. 2) The government spends this money on government projects which really adds very little to private business. 3) Once the government work is done, the workers are either absorbed by the government at an added cost or they are thrown out of work. In either case the taxpayers foot the bill.  Many countries in the world have tried this and now are trying to dig their way out of debt.

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