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June 2010
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One Person Short of Dictatorship
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:33 pm

We are one person short of a dictatorship.   The Supreme Court upheld the second amendment, BY ONE VOTE!  When I heard that it was a split vote I realized how much trouble we are in.  I’m not a conspiracy nut but if Clarence Thomas gets struck by lightning in the next two years you can bet Obama did it.  If Antonin Scalia has a heart attack you can look to Rahm Emanuel for an answer.  If any of the five real Justices dies in the next two and a half years there will be hell to pay.  The Constitution will become so much toilet paper.

These clowns are trying to do that already by some of their actions.  Appointment of czars which usurp much of the power of the Congress is just one thing.  Although the Congress is firmly in the Left, it is pretty obvious they will lose their majority in at least one body in November.  Obama would like to make sure he has the Supreme Court in his pocket.

If Obama is allowed to get a majority on the Court There will be no way to stop the onslaught on the constitution

Part II
People will usually chose the easiest route.  This statement should cause you great concern.  Right now about 46% of the people are receiving some sort of support from the Federal Government.  Unfortunately many parents and most schools haven’t taught character for a long time.  More and more people are opting for letting taxpayers pay their way.  The more WE support people the worse our politicians are going to be. 

Each day, some donkey promises to give you, me and especially illegal immigrants anything they want.  More and more people are buying this BULLS***.  I know we aren’t all that well educated when people don’t understand what has happened in Greece is where we are headed and you have a county commissioner in Milwaukee named Peggy West who doesn’t even know where Arizona is!

Please vote on November second to oust as many Democrats and R.I.N.O.s as possible.

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