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June 2010
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Imagine if it had been Bush…
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:54 pm

Now I know a favorite right-wing lament is, “Can you imagine the outrage if George Bush was president?” or, “If a republican had done that there would be a storm of media fire!”  The problem is that it’s true.  Just to start with, Bush’s response to Katrina was much more on time than Obama’s to the oil spill.  On top of that the media coverage of Katrina was sensationalized beyond belief.  The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans were a couple of incompetent, corrupt buffoons who pretty much threw New Orleans and the rest of the coast under the bus.  Oh no, that’s not right.  Ray, “Negatory” Nagan let the school busses languish while people were trying to walk out of town!  Louisiana also wouldn’t let the National Guard in!  Granted the federal government could have done better but they did a hell of a lot better than the local government.

Now we are 6 weeks into the oil spill and as usual the big O’s administration is trying to point fingers and place blame.  Why?  BP knows, and has said, they are culpable for the accident and they are going to pay and pay and pay.  Obama’s answer is to close down all offshore drilling.  That’s really bright.  How about investigating why we don’t have shallow water, or for that matter more land based drilling where we know there is oil and gas.  Obama won’t even talk to the BP CEO.  Now, finally, he is looking for someone’s ass to kick.  Well, he can KISS mine! 

Now on to Helen Thomas.  What a horse’s ass!  Go to to watch an icon of liberal media in action!  If someone from Fox news had said the same thing or maybe that the all the Muslims should go back to the Middle East the main stream media would have been screaming about racism and bias.  Where are these cowards now?  You wonder why these stinking scraps of slimy shark s*** have a worse reputation than used car dealers.  Hell, they are set to bypass Congress’s bad reputation if they haven’t already.   

Anyway, I’m out ‘till next time.


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