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June 2010
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One Person Short of Dictatorship
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:33 pm

We are one person short of a dictatorship.   The Supreme Court upheld the second amendment, BY ONE VOTE!  When I heard that it was a split vote I realized how much trouble we are in.  I’m not a conspiracy nut but if Clarence Thomas gets struck by lightning in the next two years you can bet Obama did it.  If Antonin Scalia has a heart attack you can look to Rahm Emanuel for an answer.  If any of the five real Justices dies in the next two and a half years there will be hell to pay.  The Constitution will become so much toilet paper.

These clowns are trying to do that already by some of their actions.  Appointment of czars which usurp much of the power of the Congress is just one thing.  Although the Congress is firmly in the Left, it is pretty obvious they will lose their majority in at least one body in November.  Obama would like to make sure he has the Supreme Court in his pocket.

If Obama is allowed to get a majority on the Court There will be no way to stop the onslaught on the constitution

Part II
People will usually chose the easiest route.  This statement should cause you great concern.  Right now about 46% of the people are receiving some sort of support from the Federal Government.  Unfortunately many parents and most schools haven’t taught character for a long time.  More and more people are opting for letting taxpayers pay their way.  The more WE support people the worse our politicians are going to be. 

Each day, some donkey promises to give you, me and especially illegal immigrants anything they want.  More and more people are buying this BULLS***.  I know we aren’t all that well educated when people don’t understand what has happened in Greece is where we are headed and you have a county commissioner in Milwaukee named Peggy West who doesn’t even know where Arizona is!

Please vote on November second to oust as many Democrats and R.I.N.O.s as possible.

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Why not rant more?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:26 pm

Several people have asked me why I don’t rant more often.  There are three reasons:

1)   I have a job and a life which both take time.

2)   Many of the political analysts out there like Beck, Rush, Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Joyce Kaufman, Bill O’Reilly and others do a much better job of talking about the issues.  They are more eloquent, less profane and reach millions of people.  What is left for me to do?

3)   Sometime the words just won’t come to me without being a complete potty mouth which would only take away from my credibility. (Not that I have all that much.)

There are times that I just can’t help myself and I have to let myself bloviate.  This is one of those times.  We have a President that doesn’t like this country and he has surrounded himself with more of the same.  Take the oil spill:  Obama has had many opportunities to get something done toward cleaning up the oil and getting more progress on stopping the leak.  He turned down help from a dozen countries, presumably because the SEIU doesn’t have a Netherlands chapter.  He has turned down help from scientists and businessmen, mostly because they weren’t unionized.

What did he do?

He started by ignoring the problem, no wait, he started by taking a huge donation from BP, the largest they have made in forty years, which helped his regime to waive the environmental impact statement from BP.  This helped BP ignore the warning from Halliburton that the structure needed better safety precautions.  Then he sent lawyers to see who could be sued.  (I bet it really pissed the lefties off when they found out Halliburton was right!)  Then, of course there were the obligatory parties at the White House and the never ending vacation for Michelle and the girls and the golf games, etc, etc.  Oh yeah, he publicly humiliates BP by shaking them down for twenty billion bucks.  This is money BP was already beginning to pay and would have paid anyway.  Oh, and let’s not forget that he wants BP to pay for the lost wages of those that will be out of work for his fraud of a moratorium.   This was overturned by a court but is being appealed to the more favorable fifth circuit. The original panel that assessed the situation said it would be unsafe to shut down the platforms as well as economically devastating.  Ken, “We’ve got our boot on BP’s neck”, Salazar issued a report with the opposite opinion in their names.  Let’s top it off with the Special, all star, expert, blue-ribbon commission he called together to solve the problem.  The Dean of Harvard’s engineering and applied sciences school is the only one on the commission with an engineering background.  This is in optics.  I guess if we need a closer look at the leak he can help.  Another is an expert on coastal areas and the long-term effects of oil spills.  Not one of them is qualified to put oil in an automobile let alone come up with a way to stop the leak or clean up the mess.  Anyway these *@^&%*  *&%(_   %&* ^$# holes should be thrown out of office, disbarred, tried, convicted, drawn, quartered, boiled in oil then put in jail for one hundred years for what the *&^%^#&*ers are doing to the United States.  I guess I better quit now.  I feel some potty mouth coming on.

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Imagine if it had been Bush…
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:54 pm

Now I know a favorite right-wing lament is, “Can you imagine the outrage if George Bush was president?” or, “If a republican had done that there would be a storm of media fire!”  The problem is that it’s true.  Just to start with, Bush’s response to Katrina was much more on time than Obama’s to the oil spill.  On top of that the media coverage of Katrina was sensationalized beyond belief.  The Governor of Louisiana and the Mayor of New Orleans were a couple of incompetent, corrupt buffoons who pretty much threw New Orleans and the rest of the coast under the bus.  Oh no, that’s not right.  Ray, “Negatory” Nagan let the school busses languish while people were trying to walk out of town!  Louisiana also wouldn’t let the National Guard in!  Granted the federal government could have done better but they did a hell of a lot better than the local government.

Now we are 6 weeks into the oil spill and as usual the big O’s administration is trying to point fingers and place blame.  Why?  BP knows, and has said, they are culpable for the accident and they are going to pay and pay and pay.  Obama’s answer is to close down all offshore drilling.  That’s really bright.  How about investigating why we don’t have shallow water, or for that matter more land based drilling where we know there is oil and gas.  Obama won’t even talk to the BP CEO.  Now, finally, he is looking for someone’s ass to kick.  Well, he can KISS mine! 

Now on to Helen Thomas.  What a horse’s ass!  Go to to watch an icon of liberal media in action!  If someone from Fox news had said the same thing or maybe that the all the Muslims should go back to the Middle East the main stream media would have been screaming about racism and bias.  Where are these cowards now?  You wonder why these stinking scraps of slimy shark s*** have a worse reputation than used car dealers.  Hell, they are set to bypass Congress’s bad reputation if they haven’t already.   

Anyway, I’m out ‘till next time.


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I will try to explain again…
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 5:21 pm

Please bear with me as I think about the many frauds, deceits and misdeeds this administration has perpetrated in only sixteen months.  First, they took advantage of the fact you were too stupid to listen to those on, and in, the right about the agenda they would be putting forward and rushed through the “Stimulus” package, better known as the porkulus bill.  This money was supposed to be focused on job creation.  Ha, the vast majority of the money spent so far has gone to state and local governments which in no way stimulates job growth.  It stimulates government growth.  The thieves in Washington knew what they were going to do with the money from the beginning.  If it was so important to get that piece of pelican poop passed why, have they only spent about one fourth of the money?

Then you have the bailouts that almost no one in the country understood.  The auto companies certainly didn’t want them and the people that owned the stock certainly didn’t like the results of.  Nice way to pay the unions back for their support though.  Ford was the only one with any sense and the only one that makes a profit today!

Next comes “healthcare”.  There is a real joke on the people.  Costs will soar, services will be curtailed and even Democrats are finding they don’t like what’s in it. 

We can cover cap and trade some other time. Just to let you know that Obama has a new car that runs on water.  The only problem is the water has to come from the Gulf of Mexico!

Illegal immigration is the kicker.  Here we have Democrats trying to tell the people it is shouldn’t be illegal to be illegal.  The Dems want to legalize some twelve million to twenty millions illegal aliens so they can have a rejuvenated voter base.  Coincidentally, there are about fifteen million reported unemployed people in the country.  You know what Obama says? “Screw the American workers.”  “If I can keep them on the dole they will be dependent on me and the Party!”  “Add those to the twenty million new illegal Democrats and we can keep power forever!” 

This IS the plan.  If they are allowed to pass an amnesty bill, it will signal the end of America as we know it.  It is imperative for you to email, call, visit and write your congressional representatives and let them know how you feel about amnesty for illegal aliens.  You should become a member of Numbers USA at These guys will fax your congressmen and the president on immigration issues for you.  They were instrumental in stopping the first teo amnesty attempts.  Fight illegal immigration as though the future of the country depends on it because IT DOES.

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