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May 2010
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So many lies, so little time.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:04 pm

Okay, this rant rambles a little and it is a little long.  It’s just that I am in disbelief about so many things.  Well, not disbelief but anger, frustration, sadness and, well, disbelief I guess.  Let me start at the beginning.  Let’s pretend you were in favor of TARP.  How has that worked out?  Fanny and Freddy just got another handout from Obama.  Not too good, I’m guessing.  How about the auto bailout?  Ford didn’t take the money and now Chrysler and GM are still in the toilet and even a bigger piggy bank for the union. Ford is making money! 

Then you probably thought the ‘Stimulus’ was a good idea.  Except that Socialist governments all over the world and through all time have proven over and over again that the only thing government spending stimulates is government growth! (I guess that’s fine if you work for the government!) Read up on some of the pork in this pig and you start to get the feeling you were Obama’d If you didn’t feel it already.

You didn’t really notice when Obama appointed a host of ‘czars’ to run certain parts of the government.  They didn’t seem like a big deal.  Nobody mentioned that these clowns actually are doing stuff that congress is supposed to be doing only without the approval of the people.  Who voted for Van Jones or Kevin Jennings.  Did you know that one was an avowed racist and communist while the other wants to teach children to be gay?  (Yeah, read up on Kevin Jennings and you will be shocked that the pervert isn’t in jail instead of a bureaucrat.) At least Jones doesn’t work at the White House anymore.  Most of the other ‘czars’ have similar résumé’s but you weren’t made aware of this and even if you were aware you didn’t get a chance to vote on it.

Then there was Obama-care.  By now a majority of the people were becoming aware of something wrong.  The folks were starting to be aware of things like mandates to buy health insurance, price hikes and service reductions.  How do you add another 12 to 30 million people and not raise the cost?  Forty percent of doctors that were surveyed said they would consider leaving the medical profession when the law goes into effect.  The only way prices won’t go up is if you reduce services and limit doctor compensation.  Hmmmm remember hearing, “death panels?”  Even though the majority of the people were against it and even more now that they are finding out about it, the government shoved it down our throats.

The government is most of the way to a new financial ‘reform’ package.  Supposedly this bill will add stability to the financial markets and stop bailouts.  What it will do is stop bailouts for companies that are not part of the government’s favored crowd.  Why aren’t Fanny and Freddie part of the bill?  Chris Dodd and Beany Frank should be in jail.  They, along with the aforementioned entities, caused the housing crisis. (Please read about the Community Reinvestment Act if you don’t believe me.) 

Cap and trade.  Do I have to say any more?  Al Gore has been hiding since we heard about the e-mails at East Anglia showing their research was faked.  Then Al Gore with his Photoshopped pictures of the ice caps showed even more lies.  To top it off another scientist admitted his research was flawed.  Still they persist. (See who is making money off these lies.  On top of this Obama has said that your energy bills will ’skyrocket’.  (That was his word!) 

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Next rant I will be back on Illegal immigration. For now I’ll just say 20 million illegal Democrats.

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Watch for sneaky Democrats
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:30 am

As usual in my rants, I welcome any comments or suggestions.  You can enter them at the end of the rant.

Harry decides that since the regime is trying to do away with anything that has a combustion engine, he will take a test drive in the latest Cadillac Escalade while they are still around.  He goes to the dealer and is helped by a fellow that has an Obama pin on his jacket. No telling what the salesman’s thinking was on that one. 

The salesman is explaining the features as Harry drives down the street.  “The seats blow cool air on your butt during hot weather and they blow warm air on your butt during cold weather.” says the salesman.  Harry immediately replies that it must be a Republican car. “Why do you say that?” asked the salesman rather annoyed. “Because if it was a Democrat car, it would blow smoke up your butt all year long.”  Harry had to walk back to the dealership but it was worth it.

The Democrats are trying to fake us out.  One says they are going to ‘attack’ illegal immigration while another says they are going after financial reform while yet another says cap and trade is where they are headed.  I guess they think if we are looking for one bill we won’t notice if they pass another.  The Democrats seem to be in a bit of a tizzy.  Arizona seems to have messed up their plans a bit.  From Obama on down they have done nothing but malign the bill, the governor and the people of Arizona since the bill was signed into law.  They have consistently lied about the bill, claiming, as Obama did, that you could be standing in line buying your kids ice cream and a policeman could walk up and ask you for ‘your papers’.  First of all, READ THE BILL!!  The bill is actually stricter than the existing federal bill in that it forbids using race as any criteria for asking for documentation. Let’s not forget that ALL non-citizens in the United States are required to carry documentation that shows they are in the country legally.  Have you noticed the lefties spin of terming it as ‘demanding papers’ like the old WW II movies showing the NAZI soldier demanding, “Your papers!”  

Don’t be fooled by anyone. The Democrats need a ‘reform’ bill that leads to amnesty so they can get much-needed voters.  Twelve to twenty million of them depending on which numbers you believe. The Administration doesn’t care at all what it does to the security or economy of our country to get them.  This is why they are so upset about Arizona.  They are afraid other states will try to adopt their own similar laws.  Oops, too late.  There are seven or eight considering it right now.

Many of the pundits say that they can’t get a bill together before the end of the year when they lose control of the Congress.  Some even say they can’t pass it even if they get it together.  These are the same ones that said the Obama-care bill couldn’t pass.  They are going to charge hard to make it happen.  Write, call, email and fax your Congressmen and women and urge them not to pass any bill that allows amnesty for illegal aliens in any form.  Have compassion for Americans.  Go to to fight against amnesty for illegal aliens.


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