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February 2010
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It is getting downright silly now.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:21 pm

If you had the fortitude to actually watch the bi-partisan healthcare summit at the Blair House Thursday I have to commend you. You saw the one-sided debate. Democrats, including the President, spoke for twice the time the Republicans did. When the Republicans spoke it was about the issues the people have with the monstrosity of the bills that the Democrats have passed. When the Democrats spoke it was about how nobody in the country could get healthcare the way things are today and how bringing a copy of the bills to the meeting was stage-craft. In other words it was the same lies they have been trying to foist on the country for the past year.

The little theater play didn’t come off the way the Democrats wanted it to. They were hopeful the GOP boys wouldn’t show up or they would just say no. Instead they made argument after argument why the bill should be trashed and good arguments they were. The dinosaur media will try to spin it differently but the truth is this meeting showed the bill to be the fetid pile of iguana feces that it is.

Republicans could have spent the entire time showing the unconstitutionality of the bill and how the cost of the bill is going to forever put our country in debt. They weren’t allowed to actually make such points and as a matter of fact, Obama spent much of the time lecturing and telling people that they were just rehashing talking points when, in fact, they were bringing up salient facts about the bill. So spin it as the media might, the sad truth is this bill, or bills, or whatever you want to call the travesty, should be thrown away.

Many Congressmen and women are going to lose their jobs over this and rightfully so. This entire thing has not been about healthcare or healthcare insurance but about taxation and control over the American people. Word is, they are going to try to pass some form of this crap by using the “reconciliation” trick. One: If they are successful, it will be the end for them and for the Obama presidency. Two: If they are unsuccessful it will be the end of them and the Obama presidency. Three: They let it drop and some of them will keep their jobs. Two sounds like the best option.

Don’t let any liberal tell you that 70% of the people want this bill. The truth is that over 60% don’t want this ragged piece of flotsam. Most people know there are problems with healthcare and when the Republicans take over Congress in 2010 and the Presidency in 2012 they can come up with a bill that actually lowers the cost of healthcare and increases the availability.

You can go here to see honest analysis of the Senate healthcare. and you can go here to see a comparison of most proposals. Judge for yourself. Be educated. After all it will have an effect on the rest of your life.

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Get the people on our side
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:34 pm

I can’t help but thinking that Ted Kennedy is spinning in his grave. First of all, it looks as though the Dems will have to put a blindfold over the American peoples’ eyes in order to pass ‘healthcare reform’ then cap & trade bites the dust. Worst of all Dorgan and Dodd quit. Poor Teddy. Poor Dems. After 60 years there won’t be a Kennedy in Congress. All of this, of course, is good news for the country.

Then you have Patrick Kennedy, Bayh, Pence and about half dozen more that can see the writing on the wall. (There are even more to come.) The picture of rats deserting a sinking ship comes to mind. If these people thought what they had done was right they would be standing up for their beliefs instead of scurrying off with their ill-gotten gains. For taking part of the worst screwing over of the United States ever perpetrated they will have life-time healthcare, very hefty pensions and lucrative jobs if they want them instead of rotting away in jail where they belong.

If these donkeys believe in this ‘healthcare reform’ bill so much, make them explain why they are so willing to spend trillions of dollars and insure less people with less doctors to go around. This bill, or should I say, these bills are nothing more than giant tax bills and wealth redistribution with exemptions for Obama’s cronies.

When November rolls around, if the Dems haven’t paid off everyone and their grannies, we will have a Conservative-controlled Congress. Please note that I didn’t use the R-word. Our new leaders needn’t have a D or R by their names to be honest effective representatives of the public. The candidates this election cycle need to be vetted like never before. They have to be willing to work for the people, not their own self interest. If they prove to be phonies, throw them out next election.

Right now Republicans should be on every talk show denouncing the coming Healthcare tricks. Pelosi’s office has leaked that the fix is in and that they are planning to pass the bill by trickery. All the while the clown in the White House is asking the Republicans to meet with him at Blair House for a ‘Healthcare Summit’. What the F*** for? He refuses to drop the present bill and start over. He refuses to shelve the “Public Option”. He has the gall to say he wants to compromise when in fact his definition of compromise is you talk, I will pretend to listen and I will do what I damn well want and SCREW YOU and the American People! Where are the politicians that are supposed to be against this monster? Get out there and tell the public what the Republicans want to do. Let the people know that we aren’t just standing by saying no. Get the people on our side not just against their side.


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