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January 2010
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Michael Steele, where are you?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:15 pm

The Republican Party has an opportunity like never before.  We should be vocally defending the Supreme Court’s decision to deregulate campaign advertising.  We should be out there decrying the travesty that Obama’s attorney general is perpetrating on the citizens of this country by giving the terrorist the same rights as we have when they should be held as enemy combatants.  We should be screaming about the war on banks the president has started.  Every Republican Senator and Representative should be trying to get on every media outlet they can to make the conservative voice heard.

Chuck Schumer is about to have a heart attack!  Finally the corporations can speak out.  Not just the unions.  You will hear the argument that corporations aren’t people. BS!  They are made up of people and have the right to speak out.  If the corporation argument is good for them then we can say the same about the ever-left-leaning media.  After all aren’t they owned by corporations?  Don’t the checks say, GE(NBC), Disney(ABC), Westinghouse(CBS), Time Warner(CNN) and so on? Aren’t they corporations?  The crap these companies spread could fertilize enough food to feed the world.  The problem is that Barney, Sure, I got an escort for you, Frank is already talking about instuting regulations which will cripple the Supreme Court’s decision.  Can you say, “Checks and Balances”? 

 Obama is doubly punishing the banks.  He forced them to take the TARP and ‘stimulus’ money when they didn’t want it.  They had to pay the money back with interest.  Now Obama wants to punish them with yet another tax.  What most folks don’t understand is that Certain congressmen (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd ) (Just in case you didn’t know.) forced the banks to loan money out with the Community Reinvestment Act to people that couldn’t pay it back.  Then the banks, which aren’t quite as dumb as the Democrats thought, said to themselves, “I’m not getting stuck with all of this bad paper.” sold the loans to Freddy and Fanny.  Now it’s the banks that are getting screwed.  This includes banks that didn’t take part in the earlier scheme and didn’t loan impossible loans.  To make matters worse, the worst offenders in our economic woes, auto unions, Freddy and Franny, Service unions and congress itself are all off the hook! 

That’s just some of what we should be hearing about from our Republican representation.  Yet we don’t hear a peep.  Where the hell are you guys?  You are going to get ousted too if you don’t start speaking out for our rights.  Anyone can warm a seat.  It seems that is all most of you are doing.  Steele sends out worthless little surveys which are thinly disguised donation requests.  I would rather have a request that tells me what they are going to do and that they need money to do it.  The questions are stupid to the point of absurdity.  “Do you think the country is going in the wrong direction, or do you feel things are starting to improve?”  “I think everything is just great and I can’t wait for unemployment to hit 20%.”  Stop with the stupid surveys and spend the money promoting and defending conservative ideas and ideals.

All of you “Republicans” are being strangely quiet.  Find your voice and fight for your country.  Oh, and Mr. Steele, cancel the book tour and get to work.  Nobody wants you for President.  After your non-support for the real conservative in the NY 23 race and your tepid support for Scott Brown you should be booted off the RNC.  Your book should be titled, a twelve step program for RINOs.  Where were you when we needed you?  Where are you now?

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A good first step…
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 2:11 pm

I know that I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack.  But even I figured out that the win in Massachusetts had nothing to do with the Republican national committee, radio and TV talk shows, or the temperature on the moon.   It didn’t even have much to do with Scott Brown or Martha Coakley.  It was all about the current administration and the Congress’s non-stop spending and arrogance toward the American people. 

Brown couldn’t have run a much better campaign while Coakley’s couldn’t have been much worse.  That is probably what put it over the top for Brown.  The truth is even a close win in a state that commonly used to seeing sixty and seventy percent of the vote go to the Democrat candidates should be putting a lot of politicians on notice. 

I think the Democrats aren’t the only ones with something to fear.  There is a lot of anger out there toward the R.I.N.Os as well.  They may have seen the light a little quicker than the Democrats and stuck with the herd on this “health-care” crap.  They have to remember that they fell down on stimulus and people just don’t trust them.  I think many of them are toast.

We, and I mean the people, have an opportunity like no other to clean house (literally) and elect some honest and courageous people to the Congress in November.  I believe there are two things we can’t do:

1)      Rest on our laurels.  Don’t say, “We showed you!”, and leave it at that.  We have a lot of work to do.

2)      Start a third party.  This will only ensure the Democrats stay in power forever.

There are a few things I believe that we must do:

1)      Tell your friends to get involved in politics.  If not too many people do we get hoodwinked as we did with Obama.  If people had been aware what Obama and the rest were doing we wouldn’t be in this mess.

2)      Work to elect ethical, honest people to Congress. (Democrat and Republican)

3)      Encourage these new people to work with others in Congress to come up with conservative answers to our problems.

4)      End their political careers quickly if they don’t behave.

We can work together to make a better country, not a new one.


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Here we are..
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:45 am

It’s just so hard to believe.  We have massive unemployment, a world that thinks the United States is a joke, terrorists that are getting more emboldened by the minute, Congress and the President spending faster than they can print the money, taxes about to go through the roof and thirty-seven percent, in a recent poll say they would vote for Obama again. How can this be?  I understand you can fool some of the people some of the time but this is ridiculous!  O.K., I can believe that there is a percentage of the people that believe the government should take care of everything in their lives.  Every pond has its scum.  What percent is that though?  10? 20?

This has been the most dishonest, duplicitous administration ever.  The promised transparency doesn’t exist.  Many of the cabinet members, czars and judges they have appointed wouldn’t be allowed in your house unless you could frisk them on the way out, except for Kevin Jennings who should be in prison.  They are ramming through a ‘health care reform’ bill over the objections of about 60% of the people.  That number would surely be higher if it weren’t for a compliant media lying for them.

A good example of what is wrong with the media is the Harry Reid, ‘light skinned negro’, line.  It isn’t at all surprising that he said it.  Not surprising that Clinton would say that under other circumstances Obama would be fetching coffee for him and Ted Kennedy.  Oh, by the way, congratulations Ted on almost five months sober. After all it is the Democrats that supported slavery, segregation, George Wallace and just about every program that has come down the pike that demeans and otherwise hurts minorities.  What is surprising is that nobody has spoken up about the slimy writers of this book, John Heileman and Mark Halperin, reporters that withheld the information in the book in order to profit rather than report on the many transgressions of the subjects when the information could have helped the public decide about the character of these people when it would have done them some good.  Like before they got elected!

Oh well, as hard as it is to believe, here we are.  All we can do is fight.  If you know anyone in Massachusetts please urge them to vote for Scott Brown for Senate.  A small first step towards getting rid of the most corrupt government this country has ever known.

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