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November 2009
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I’m living in a parallel world
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 3:47 pm

Hold on a second.  Let me see if I have this right.  You got a guy, a major in the army who walks into a processing center in Fort Hood, Texas and kills 14 people and wounds thirty some more.  I’m right so far, right?  (Don’t forget one person that this animal killed was a pregnant woman.)  A local police woman shoots the guy (unfortunately, not dead) stopping his spree.  O.K., so far it seems easy enough to understand. 

Then I guess I went to sleep and woke up in a parallel world.  Let’s see if I have this next part right.  Nidal Hasan is a Muslim who shouts allahu akbar and opens fire on the unarmed people in the processing center.  Military intelligence has been aware that he has been trying to reach Al-Qaeda for the past year.  He has been telling people that Muslim suicide bombers are doing the right thing.  He has been repeatedly reported for telling his patients and others around him that the US is at fault for the problems in the middle east and that Muslims around the world are right to kill infidels.  He has said that he is Muslim first, American second.  His superiors have given him bad performance reviews and then promoted him.  He filled out paperwork in the Army saying his nationality is Palestinian. The FBI says they can’t see any evidence that this is a terrorist attack.  I guess it’s hard to see with your head up your ass.  Hasan did everything but stand on the base commander’s roof with a bullhorn and announce that he was going to kill some Americans.

The media people have twisted themselves into knots trying not to call this guy a terrorist.  The president says, “People just snap.”  And he barely has time to mention it after giving “shout outs” to his Indian homies, one of which he erroneously identified as a Congressional Medal of Honor winner.  Chris, “I’ve got a tingle down my leg.” Mathews says we have to be careful not to jump to conclusions.  The Army chief of staff, General George Casey says that diversity is more important than justice.  Try to imagine the hue and cry that would have gone up if this killer had been a southern white guy hollering, “Jesus is Lord!”  The headlines of everyone of the has-been ‘news’ agencies would have been, “Domestic Terrorist strikes army base.”  At least then they would have been right.  They have tried to give this terrorist every excuse in the world including PTSD!  I guess it stands for Pre Traumatic Stress Disorder since he never saw combat. Don’t forget that he probably wouldn’t have seen combat anyway.  He would have been in the rear with the gear.  I would use a curse word to describe the media’s duplicitous  actions but I just can’t think of anything nasty enough.  Hmm, maybe tea-baggers. 

WTF????  Nidal Hasan is an Islamic extremist terrorist and nothing less.  Casey should be fired with that attitude.  The media has been proving they are leftist shills for the liberals for years.  This time though they  have gone too far.  To try to portray this killer as anything but a terrorist is journalistic malpractice of the most egregious sort.  The ‘news’papers and most network and cable ‘news’ outlets should be ashamed for trivializing the lives of these American servicemen and women.  They truly have no shame.

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