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October 2009
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Newt, where have you gone?
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 8:19 am

What happened to you? I know you were the smartest man in politics, but this time you are so wrong. To support Dierdre “Dede” Scozzafava for the vacant House seat for New York’s 23rd district instead of Doug Hoffman is simply ridiculous.

I understand that she signed the “No New Tax” pledge so you endorsed her and you screwed up then. You gave the excuse that Hoffman didn’t get nominated in the RNC selection process so he decided to run on the Conservative Party ticket. Well, that is just asinine. He was unknown and he is an outsider and the bosses didn’t think he would be a good little Democrat Lite. They could have selected him and he would do as good or better than he is now. I don’t know if you were aware that Scozzafava has a more liberal record than most of the liberals. When questioned about the tax pledge she asked, “which taxes?”

I really believe you aren’t withdrawing your endorsement from Scozzafava and throwing in with Hoffman simply because your ego is making you stupid. Please do the right thing and endorse Hoffman.  While you are at it support Marco Rubio in Florida.  We don’t need any more Democrat, liberal leaning RINO’s 

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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 12:06 pm

We are getting closer and closer to two crucial votes in congress: Amnesty for illegal aliens (regardless of what they call it) and the healthcare bill. Obama and his pals Pelosi and Reid are set to make this country a Socialist stronghold.  If they can get the illegal aliens legalized they will add ten to twenty million Democrat voters.  Couple this with a government run health care
system and you have total control of the American population in the hands of the Democrats. 

“You want that operation? Oh you are a Republican, sorry not till next year.  You could sign this re-registration form and it would move you up nine months.”  This administration thinks this way.  If you disagree then you must be eliminated.

I won’t try to go into all of the things that are wrong with the existing health-care bills. (As of this writing there are five different ones.) Suffice it to say that none of them can be good if the Democrats are in such a hurry to get one passed that you can’t see the final version let alone vote on it.  If any of these bills were any good for the American people the congress would be parading the bill all over the place.  NO!  They only want to hide it from you.

The more threatening problem is the illegal alien situation.  A new bill has been introduced in congress that will attempt to legalize illegals.  Another DREAM act is comming as well.  A lot of pressure is being put on the congressmen to pass some sort of amnesty bill.  The pressure is coming from groups like LA RAZA and Mexican American Legal Defense who get some of their funding from left wing groups like Move ON and The Tides.  If the left can get these twelve to twenty million illegals legalized there will be a whole new voting block which for the most part will be with the Democrats but they will also be trying to make as much of the US into a “New Hispainia” as they can. They call it Aztlan.  Google that for an eye-opener.

Call, write and visit your representatives and let them know you want responsible health care reform, like tort reform, tax credits, portability, purchase insurance across state lines all of which have been proposed by Republicans and rejected by the Democrats.  Also let them know you want the illegal aliens out of this country and our borders secured.  Let them know the existing laws on hiring illegal aliens need to be enforced and strengthened.  Do it while you still can.

By the way…. Marco Rubio for Senator from Florida in 2010.  Replace the ones you know are killing this country. (Most of them!)

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