The corruption of Washington.

August 2009
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It’s time to stop this nonsense!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 9:34 am

I just finished reading Michelle Malkin’s book, Culture of Corruption.  It is a very well documented chronicle of the new level of corruption in Washington today.  There isn’t an honest person among us that believes that any politician is without sin.  After all, as H.L. Menken said, “A good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.   You can find it for sale all over the web, here is the Amazon page: 


In her book, Ms. Malkin documents the connections between Obama and many of his administration with ACORN, SEIU and The Tides.  This connection alone should have disqualified Barry from being POTUS.  ACORN has gotten away with more crimes than most criminals commit.  Voter fraud is their specialty and they are damn good at it!  Look at Al Franken.  Nobody believes the results of that election are legitimate.  Even the people that voted for Franken are amazed that he won. 


ACORN deserves it’s own book.  This is a left wing organization that has committed voter fraud in multiple states, committed fraud to obtain millions of dollars from HUD and these are the people that Barak Hussein Obams wants to handle the US Census.  This will give a totally corrupt entity access to the private records to everyone in the country. WTF??


One of the important parts of this administration is it’s absolute reliance on criminals. From Geithner, to Clinton (Both of them) to Gary Locke, to – oh well the list is too long.  It is time for real investigations into this administration.  These people are corrupt to the core. 


This book is fully documented with verifiable footnotes.  It points out the facts behind the most ethically challenged administration in US history.  The Obama administration, along with ACORN, SEIU and The Tides Center, is building an organization to grab and keep total control of this country and all of it’s citizens.


IT MUST BE STOPPED NOW!  Call, visit and write your Representatives and Senators to let them know there must be investigations into the corruption of this White Houese.

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Socialist is code for SOCIALIST!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 11:12 am

To any of those who preach Socialist is the new “N” word. (Mostly NBC & MSNBC)

Let me begin by calling you deceitful and conniving. Was Socialism code for ‘Georgia Peanut Farmer’ in the 70’s when Carter was trying to get his socialist programs through or was it code for ‘Wife of Arkansas Womanizer’ when Hillary tried to pass her socialist health care? No, of course not, and socialist isn’t code for anything but SOCIALIST today.

The fact is that you actually can’t win an argument on its merits so you resort first to deception ala ‘Insurance company plants’, then to marginalizing ala ‘right wing radical cooks’ and then to scare tactics like ‘possible militia violence’ then to the ever popular name-calling. ‘un-American, birthers, deathers, evil-mongers, NAZIs’ and so on. None of that scared the American public from the town hall meetings so it’s time to drag out the liberal stand-by, RACIST!

Sorry but that one isn’t going to work either. This isn’t just about Obama. Tim Geithner – tax cheat, Joe Biden – Ultimate Washington Favor seller, Nancy Deparle – Corporate shill, Leon Panetta- inept lifetime public servant worth over 4 million dollars. Nice work if you can get it, Carol Browner – tried to get us Dubai ports. These are only a few of the ones you don’t hear so much about. These people should ALL be in prison. This entire administration is corrupt even by Washington DC standards. Bernie Matoff is sitting in prison thinking, “I should have gotten a cabinet position not jail.”

Most of the people of this country can see what drooling lap dogs the media outlets are. Those who don’t know don’t read or listen to anything but the major media outlets. These people should be ashamed for HELPING elect this thief and his cronies.

Liar, liar, pants on fire.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 9:18 am

Wow!  The lies just keep coming.  Obama just can’t help it.  Aside from the stupid Post Office reference, he made a whole bunch of other blunders including having the 11 year old daughter of a big contributor stand up and read a phony question.  Keith Hennessey refutes most of the major points of his Astroturf party in New Hampshire using Obama’s own words and excerpts of the actual bill.  Check out  or download the PDF of the article here. 


These people are determined to force this program down your throat no matter what.  Look for ACORN and the SEIU people to be flooding further town hall meetings.  Especially look for the SEIU and ACORN people to show up with swastika signs and the like to throw disrepute on the real people.  They have already done this.  Look for the Media, especially NBC to try to marginalize the people that show up as (Chose one or more.) nuts, Astroturfers, radicals, shills for the insurance companies, un-American, terrorists or birthers. 

All indications are that the Senate bill is not much better than the House bill.  So you will hear Senators running around trumpeting that they have come up with something better.  Don’t let them vote on it until the people have seen it and don’t let them vote on any bill that doesn’t include tort reform.  Frivolous law suits cost about $30,000,000,000 per year.  That’s 30 Billion for those of you that still think Obama was the right choice.


Please write, call, visit and e-mail your Senators and Representatives to let them know your grandchildren can’t afford what they are trying to do.  If they vote for one of these bills, fire them next November because it will be your last chance.  If you can go to a town hall meeting, do so and ask about any of the points in the Hennessey article.  If he can’t answer it honestly then be sure to let him know he will be gone next year and he is a liar, liar, pants on fire.

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Heads UP!
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 10:57 am

OK, so we have a regime that is intent on socializing healthcare, taking over the banks, legalizing tens of millions of illegal aliens.  Doesn’t this bother the people that voted for Obama at all?  I understand how a charismatic speaker can fool a crowd.  Look at Hitler and Jim Jones


At some point you have to wake up saying, “Oh shit!  What did I do?”


What you did was elect the most radical socialist in politics, in this country today.  You probably didn’t notice that he is doing exactly what he said he would do.  He said he wanted to ‘reform’ health care.  He just didn’t tell you how.


There are two things to do to reduce the cost of health care:

1)                TORT REFORM!

2)                TORT REFORM!

Well OK, that’s only one thing.  You can also enforce the laws that cover Medicaid and Medicare fraud.

Please understand that the only Nazis (At the time the word was coined it was short for National Socialists.) are the members of congress pushing for these programs and the President.   They want to cripple this country and make the populace dependant on them. If they are successful, this translates to they will never lose an election again! 


Write your congressmen and women. Visit their offices.  Go to the town meetings.  Send them an e-mail every day.  Let them know that you will fire them and that they will be replaced with people that will actually listen to the people that elect them.

If you aren’t afraid, you haven’t been listening!

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