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May 2009
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Mighty scandles from little ACORNs grow.
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Posted by: Joe Melchiorre @ 1:39 pm

Why don’t we see arrests, trials and convictions of the folks from Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN)?  It seems as though they might have some protection.  DUH!  This is private organizations whose only functions are to further left wing agendas and get left wing politicians elected.  This past November they achieved their crowning glory.  They are largely responsible for B. Hussein Obama and many leftist congressmen being elected. They have offices in all major cities and a lot of small ones as well. 

This gang has actually gotten a bundle of money from the “Stimulus” package and another bundle coming from the Omnibus to Bankruptcy bill.  Obama owes them his presidency and he is paying off.  These people are who B. Hussein Obama wants to put in charge of the census!   The next step will be voter registration through the census.  Hmmmmm, amazing, 98% of Americans are Democrat!  

Obama’s election is a fraud, no, not the hanging chad kind, but the Al Franken and B. Hussein Obama kind.  The votes bought, stolen and forged kind.  How can a judge say Franken won his election when one district actually had more votes than residents?  All of the newly found votes in the recounts were for Franken.  In a word, IMPOSSIBLE! 

I bring Franken up because ACORN was very, very active in getting him elected and they were guilty of voter fraud in the primary as they were all over the country.  The entire election was a fraud.

ACORN  has been linked to or convicted of perjury, forgery, identity theft and election fraud in recent years and now is facing investigation for alleged violations of federal election law in 12 states, according to a new report from Matthew Vadum, a senior editor for the Capital Research Center.

Vadum, whose work with the Research Center includes studies of non-profit organizations, has released a report titled “ACORN: Who Funds the Weather Underground’s Little Brother?” documenting the troubled past and current problems facing the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

Here are a few of the things they are proud of:

The report also cited ACORN’s refusal to follow basic civil rights laws or pay required taxes.

Now tell me where are the FBI and Justice Department in their “investigations”?  Many people think that this is just politics as usual.  No, this is stealing a country in front of your eyes by criminal and treasonous acts.  Never in our history have so many people been fooled.  There are honest, hard working liberals out there that thought that B. Hussein Obama would be good for America.  They are getting screwed by the very man they put their trust in. 

Stop ACORN and stop B. Hussein Obama now or there will be no chance later.  Barry Hussein Obama is a Chicago and it’s time to get rid of him and his commie bitch, Rahm Emanuel.

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